Members benefit from free practise sessions at the Ashby Rugby Club site and discounted entry on the race events we host.

Fees For Non-Members

£10 for first practice session as a non club member then £5 for any further sessions.

Membership Fees.

£30 – Renewal for existing members (before February)
£35 – New members (includes £5 new membership fee)
£0 Junior renewal (< 18 years old and before February)
£5 Junior new membership (< 18 years old)

Existing and new members can renew or apply for membership here:

Benefits of Joining Delta Hakws

  • All practice sessions are free for members (usually £5) – we host 10 – 20 practise sessions per year.
  • Discounted entry fee for the race events we host (£5 off) – we usually host 2-3 races each year.